Temperance aus Italien stehen gerade einmal zwei Tage vor einer recht ausgedehnten Tour quer durch Europa. Heute informieren sie, dass sie leider ohne Alfonso Mocerino und Alessia Scolletti losziehen müssen. Beide haben die Band aus persönlichen Gründen verlassen. Die gute Nachricht aber schon einmal vorweg, Temperance hat eine Lösung für das Problem des Mitgliederschwunds gefunden und werden dann wohl spätestens in zwei Tagen die Neuzugänge präsentieren. Der Vollständigkeit geschuldet hier noch die beiden Statements von Alfonso und Alessia. Erst Alfonso

 „Dear friends,
It’s with a heavy heart I decided to part ways with Temperance not because of a fight between us, I needed to stop going on tours and focus on my projects and my life.
I set off on this journey about six years ago and we’ve shared a lot of stages, cities, and incredible tours and festivals.
I do thank with all my heart the fans and bandmates I’ve worked with in this band, through success and shortcomings.
I wish them good luck for the future and the upcoming tour!
I will keep playing drums, teaching, and seeking new projects to keep growing up.
Stay tuned! See u on the road!“

Und nun noch das Statement von Alessia

„Dear friends,
With a heavy heart I have to announce that my journey with Temperance has come to an end.
When I was invited by Marco to join this band in 2018, I was just a girl who loved to sing since her childhood. I surely didn’t have any idea about the beautiful adventure I would have had in the following years. I will be eternally grateful for the chance I have been given by Temperance!
Through the ebbs and flows of touring worldwide and playing shows together, of course I grew up a lot both as a singer and as a person. At the same time my priorities evolved though, and before anything else I’ve felt the need to focus more on my health. During my last tours and gigs, too many times I had issues that didn’t allow me to perform with my full strenght, as a band like Temperance requires. I’m not ashamed to say that this situation caused me a lot of frustration and anxiety, followed by the awareness that I should have listened to my body more and that I should have taken a break from heavy touring and long travels. It’s still hard for me to accept it, but I’m trying not to think of this as a failure, but as a chance to write a new chapter in my life.
I sincerely wish “my” guys all the best for a bright future full of beautiful melodies, high notes and powerful catchy choruses: the first three features that made me fall in love with this great band !
And last but definitely not least – I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart all our fans and friends worldwide who always supported us through these years…You’re special!
Music, and art in general, means the world to me: therefore this is not a goodbye!
We will meet again on the road with ERA in February 2024. In the meantime keep following me on my social pages and let’s keep in touch!
Love, Alessia“

Wer Alfonso dann vielleicht doch noch ein letztes Mal hören möchte, er hat für das nächste Temperance Album die Schlagzeugspuren bereits aufgenommen.