Die aus Norwegen stammenden Gothic Metaller von Sirenia trennen sich von ihrer spanischen Sängerin Ailyn Gimenez Garcia. Dies aus persönlichen Gründen, wie die Band sagt.

“We part ways on good terms and we wish Ailyn the best of luck for her future endeavours. Thanks a lot for the great years we shared in the band and thanks for all your efforts in this period; we are forever grateful. It has been a true delight and privilege working with you. May all your dreams be fulfilled and may your future shine. SIRENIA will spend the next two months finishing the recordings of our upcoming album. The band is in the process of engaging a new singer to take over the lead singer role in the group. All tours and shows from September 2016 and forward will go as planned.”

Die Band musste vor kurzem ein Konzert in Tschechien absagen, als Ailyn’s Mutter starb. Dieses tragische Ereignis hatte leider auch bei Ailyn gesundheitliche Folgen. Allerdings bin ich im Zweifel, ob dies der Grund war für ihren Ausstieg. Weil so wie die ganze Geschichte aussieht, wurde Ailyn von der Band gefeuert, was nicht wirklich nach freundschaftlicher Trennung ausschaut. Den Ailyn selbst hat auch ein Statement veröffentlicht.

“Dear friends, I’m very sorry for the bad news. I have to confirm the statement posted on the SIRENIA page earlier. SIRENIA and I are going our separate ways. This decision was not mine, I didn’t take part of it. I want to thank SIRENIA for eight and a half wonderful years touring around the world. I am grateful for the chances I had to meet a lot of you and make new friends. I wish SIRENIA all the best for the future and hopefully our paths will cross again. The good memories will always be in my heart. For now, I don’t know what the future holds, but I am super excited about finding out. I will for sure keep working with music, and hopefully it will give me the oportunity to be back on the road so we can meet again soon. But first I will enjoy some days of Norwegian summer and as soon as I am on to something, you’ll be the first to know.”