Wie heute völlig überraschend, zumindest für mich, bekannt gegeben wurde, verlässt Michalina Malisz die Schweizer Folk Metal Band Eluveitie. Die letzten sechs Jahre belgeitete sie die Band mit ihrem Hurdy Gurdy und geht nun auf zu neuen musikalischen Wegen, wie sie in einem Statement schreibt, welches hier nachgelesen werden kann;

Dear friends,

It is with a heavy heart that I have to announce that my journey with Eluveitie has come to an end.

When I was invited by Chrigel to join Eluveitie on stage 6 years ago, I did not have the slightest idea what a beautiful, crazy and illuminating adventure it would be. I will be eternally grateful for this one-in-a-million chance I have been given by Eluveitie, first and forever as a fan, as well as a musician. For the trust, they put in me and for everything I learned along our journey. I am honored and privileged to have contributed to the phenomenon that Eluveitie constitutes.

Although my path branches off in a different direction than Eluveitie’s and I made the decision to leave the band, one thing is certain: I will continue playing the hurdy-gurdy and making music. You can expect news from me in this regard very soon!
Through the ebbs and flows of touring worldwide and creating music together, I grew and began to understand how I would wish for my future to unfold. My priorities evolved and are different now at the end of my 20s, than they were at the beginning, when I joined the adventure without hesitation. Now I want to work towards a more predictable lifestyle with a little bit less of heavy touring ;), and pursue different facets of my musical career, including teaching the hurdy-gurdy and creation of original music.

We’re parting ways in the most peaceful manner – I will dearly miss Chrigel, Fabienne, Matteo, Jonas, Rafi, Alain, Kay and Nicole, our crew, and all the moments we shared. I genuinely wish them all the best and can not wait to see what’s to come for them!
And last but definitely not least – I would like to thank all our fans around the globe. For the love and support, you are showing us every day. For coming along this journey with Eluveitie. It means the world to us.
Where one chapter closes, an abundance of new ones opens.

For everything remains as it never was.

Natürlich sagt auch Chrigel Glanzmann ein paar Worte zu ihrem Abgang und gemäss seinen Aussagen, hat Michalina da was ganz heisses im Köcher, auf das man gespannt sein darf. Hier jetzt aber noch Chrigels Worte;

It’s always hard to share messages like this. It’s with tears in our eyes that we have to tell you that our Michalina will leave Eluveitie.

She’s been part of our fellowship for the last six years and it’s kind of impossible to us to imagine us without her… too many unforgettable moment’s we’ve shared, too many cities we’ve seen, too many stages we’ve rocked and too much music we made together!

We do have to accept her desicion, of course, even though it’s with a heavy heart. We will miss her a lot, but still Michalina will always stay a part of the Eluveitie family in our hearts!
And the one thing we’re happy about in all of this: Michalina will not stop playing music!
Actually we already know a little something more than all you lucky bastards out there and all we can tell you is to stay tuned to be blown away!

Sie spielt nun noch am Samstag ihre letzte Show am Rock Harz Festival. Knapp eine Woche nachdem sie ihren letzten Auftritt in der Schweiz anlässlich des Out In The Green absolviert hat.