Es ist auch schon im Oktober gewesen, als Alex Holzwarth Rhapsody of Fire verlassen hat. Kurz nach dem schon Sänger Fabio Lione die Italiener ebenfalls verlassen hatte. Nun sind Symphonic Metaller wieder komplett, nachdem Sänger Giacomo Voli schon im Studio ist und neues Material einsingt, kam nun mit Manu Lotter ein Schlagzeuger aus München dazu. Das dahinter auch ein strategischer Schachzug steckt, kann man im folgenden Statement der Band entnehmen 😉

“As promised, we are ready to reveal the name of our new drummer! We are super thrilled to announce our immediate collaboration with Manu Lotter! Manu is coming from Munich. Well, as you can guess, we have a lot of affinity for drummers coming from that town… To be honest, we just want to be invited regularly to beer gardens! It was nothing but a strategic move. Now, let’s be serious… Manu is an incredible musician who impressed us by his technique and personality. This is for sure a guy with whom we’ll spend a lot of great time on tour. Manu is a dedicated and committed professional, passionate about metal and always ready to have a nice laugh! He’s now 28 and started playing drums at the age of 2! He played for bands like Emil Bulls, GWLT, The Bellerophon Project, Farewell To Arms, toured all around Europe and played in almost every German metal festival. We can’t wait to start playing live with him. Manu will enter the studio in January to record drums for our next production. No need to say that it will sound awesome! We have now our 5 band members, Giacomo, Roby, Alex S., Alessandro and Manu, ready to make some noise in 2017! We feel more determined than ever to deliver the best music to our fans and celebrate our new chapter together. Stay metal and see you soon for more news.”