Getrennte Wege geht man bei Follow The Cipher mit dem Bassisten Jonas Asplind. Da schien für einmal der Wurm drin gewesen zu sein. Während die Band sich noch ein wenig diplomatisch hält mit dem Statement. Welches hier zu lesen ist.

However, being in a band means many different wills and ways of seeing things. Trying to push the whole thing in the same direction, hopefully forward, is not always easy. And on top of that we all live pretty far from each other and have different personal/family situations. And so as a consequence of all these things it is with a heavy heart we announce the departure between Follow the Cipher and bass player Jonas Asplind. Jonas has been in the band for many years. always with big enthusiasm and sparking energy both on and off stage. With the years gone by conditions change and that is primarily what have lead to this decision.
We wish Jonas all the best in every way and the biggest of luck with Ad Infinitum where Jonas also has been shredding the bass for a while now.

With this chapter closed we now start the writing of a new one. Excited to see what the future will bring and we hope that YOU will join us on the journey!

So ist Jonas’ Statement dann doch eher ein wenig verbittert und er scheint mir doch ziemlich enttäuscht zu sein. Aber lest doch auch hier selber.

This is truly sad and not by my own choice and came a bit out of the blue earlier this year! But i guess for the best for both parts!
As I don’t want to be somewhere where i’m not welcome.
I will forever love FTC music as i always been a fan of the music. And it’s been a blessing to play the music I love, but it will take some time and distance before i can listen to the music again as I’m heartbroken.
But still i got out allot of being in FTC and the best was to meet all your fantastic people out there!
I made a lot of friends for life for that i’m forever thankful.
My adventures don’t stop here I still have a lot to give and will continue my music journey in AD infinitum! And my longe dude project Curse Of Cain

Ich denke aber diese Enttäuschung wird sich mit einem Blick in die Hitparade bald legen. Seine neue Kombo Ad Infinitum mit der Ausnahmesängerin Melissa Bonny legt legt gleich mit dem Debutalbum einen guten Start hin und enterte sogleich nicht nur die Schweizer Hitparade.