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31. März 2023 [Silvercube Lounge]


Informationen zum Konzert

Datum: 31. März 2023
Veranstaltungsort: Silvercube Lounge
Adresse: Ruchwiesenstrasse 5
Stadt: 8157 Dielsdorf
Telefon: 043 422 09 25

MOTOPICCHE – Italian Motorhead Tribute

Freitag 31.März 2023
Doors 19.30h
Konzert 20.00h

Motopicche are a Power Trio made up of three musicians who have decided to channel the energy of rock’n’roll that flows through their veins into a tribute band born and existing for the sole purpose of continuing to spread the sound of Motorhead in the air, following the passing of frontman Lemmy Kilmister. The band was born just one year after his death (December 2015).
You can tell from the attitude, from the clothing from the instrumentation (Gibson, Marshall, Rickembacker) from the rough and raw sound of the vocal cords ruined by smoking, alcohol and a life dedicated to rock’n’roll.
The band continues to brand the venues and open-air stages in Veneto, Italy with fire and, even if more rarely in Europe, it already has numerous evenings active, whose feedback from the public and the venue owners has worthily recognized a leading role in the old school rock’n’roll sector in Veneto but also in the neighboring regions (Lombardy, Emilia Romagna).
The tribute focuses mainly on Motorhead’s Stage Fright period while also integrating pieces from the more recent Motorhead publications without disdaining the covers performed by the original band that interpret some international pop rock anthems in an exaggerated way.
Their names? Nicola Polato, Daniele Cason, Gabriel Enrique Valenzuela Anghileri.

Quelle: Silvercube Lounge
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