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27. Mai 2023 [Jonnys Lion-Cave]

Gengis Khan

Informationen zum Konzert

Datum: 27. Mai 2023
Veranstaltungsort: Jonnys Lion-Cave
Adresse: Hauptstrasse 79
Stadt: 9477 Trübbach
Telefon: 079 363 75 17

Italian old school heavy metallers Forged in the fire of the Italian underground heavy metal scene, GENGIS KHAN, inspired by bands such as Venom, Manowar, Running Wild, and King Diamond, recorded and released four albums between 2012 and 2022, and taking part in a European tour in 2014 supporting Enforcer and Skull Fist. After a break of a few years due to the Pandemic and other events, the band found new lifeblood and started a new European tour as main support the mighty ANVIL, enjoying great success in Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal. Genghis Khan signed a deal with the U.S. label Stormspell Records which released the band’s third full-length album “Possessed By The Moon” on May 27th 2022. Last album was born in the band’s home studio, while the keyboards, drums and solo guitars were recorded by Simone Mularoni (DGM, ELVENKING, LABYRINTH, ANCIENT BARDS, and many more) at Domination Studio in San Marino. Gengis Khan is currently working on new material and new gigs in Europe. Heavy Metal Unleashed!


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