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31. August 2024 [Met-Bar]

Causam & Sterbenswille

Informationen zum Konzert

Datum: 31. August 2024
Veranstaltungsort: Met-Bar
Adresse: Niederlenzerstrasse 29
Stadt: 5600 Lenzburg
At the end of 2019 Abaddon was looking for musicians who wanted to form a post apocalyptic black metal band.
In January 2020 Abaddon met Arcis, shortly after Arawan joined them and the three of them formed Causam.
The band became complete with Andras and Grievas.
By the end of 2020 the composing and studio work for the debut album “Doomsday Rapture” was done.
It was released on 12.02.2021 and thus the band went public.
In early May 2021, Arcis announced he was leaving the band for personal reasons and to focus on recording and sound. At the end of May, Surt joined as the new rhythm guitarist. The Band played their first gig at Black Hole Fest II, opening the festival for headliners Afsky and Dark Funeral.
In July 2022, the band announced that Surt takes over the vocals in place of Grievas, who left the band for personal reasons.
May 2023 saw the birth of the 2nd album „Holistic Despair“ !
Depressive Post Black Metal aus Bayern.
Quelle: Met-Bar

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