Das kommt jetzt überraschend für mich. Sara Pettersson von Thundermother verlässt die Band. Die Daten für die Live And Loud 2019 Tour sind bekannt und die Plakatte gedruckt. Aber krasser noch, morgen Freitag 19.04 geht die Tour in Budapest los und nächsten Dienstag ist die Band ein erstes Mal in diesem Jahr in der Schweiz. Aber lest selber was Sara dazu zu sagen hat:

“Hey everybody, I’ve decided to quit Thundermother. The main reason is lack of time and energy. I’ve had two wonderful years with the girls, I’ve seen so many amazing places and I’ve met so many wonderful people. Its been a dream come true. I don’t regret any second of this adventure and I will look back on this time with love and joy. Every story has an ending and this is where my Thundermother story ends. I won´t be a part of the band anymore but we will still be good friends and I will eagerly follow the girls from a distance. I wish them all the best and I am sure they will continue to kick ass. I will stand in the front when they conquer the world. Love you guys, and thank you big time for these years. Who knows, one day I might just join the girls on stage for a song or two!
And last but not least: THANK YOU to all the fans, for all the love and support, I will never forget! See you out there!”