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Scarlet Aura – Hot’n’Heavy

Sliptrick Records 11. December 2018

Scarlet Aura - Hot n Heavy

1. This Future Becomes Our Past
2. Hail To You
3. In The Name Of My Pain
4. Hot’n’Heavy
5. Fallin’ To Pieces
6. Glimpse In The Mirror
7. You Bite Me I Bite You Back
8. Hate Is Evanescent, Violence Is Forever
9. Silver City
10. Light Be My Guide
11. Let’s Go Fuckin’ Wild
Bonus Track:
12. Balkan Stars Project – To New Horizons

  • Gesang: Aura Danciulescu
  • Gitarre: Mihai Danciulescu
  • Bass: Rene Nistor
  • Schlagzeug: Sorin Ristea
Scarlet Aura