Nach 13 Jahren Hard Rock Hallelujah und macht Bassist OX bei Lordi Schluss. Die Sommerfestivals in diesem Jahr wird er mit der Band noch bestreiten, danach ist für Samer el Nahhal, wie er richtig heisst Schicht im Schacht der Gruselrocker. Lest hier noch sein Originalstatement;

“It has come the day that I have to tell you that I will be leaving Lordi. There is no drama, no major issues or anything like that. I just feel very strong urge to do something else in music and to be available for other musical journeys, what ever those will be. I will do the summer festivals with Lordi and after that it’s time for the new guy to take it from there. I wanna thank the band and especially the best fans on this planet, for these 13 years and the greatest ride of my life. I love you all from the pound of my heart and I hope to see you again somewhere sometime.